What Do You Do When Your Mercruiser Does Not Start?

If your Mercruiser is just acting up on you, it may not start even though the battery is okay. You know this because when you try to start, the engine turns. You crank the fifth time but the Mercruiser is still not running. It is important to realize that there are many reasons that can prevent your Mercruiser from running. This article will provide important knowledge on how to go about fixing this problem.

The following are common reasons why your Mercruiser is likely not to run:

  • A loose connection at the back of the key switch can prevent the motor from starting. You should ensure that you have a good key switch and good connection. Make sure that you have a good motor system on your Mercruiser.
  • Carburetor check can let you know whether the engine is getting fuel from the tank. If the carburetor is dry, the engine is not getting fuel as it should and will not start. You therefore need to check your Mercruiser's fuel system to ensure that there are no leaks and your fuel filters are not clogged. It sounds funny, but sometimes you can have an empty fuel tank.
  • The most common issues with fuel are fuel pumps. Faulty fuel pumps can prevent fuel from reaching the engine. Make sure that your Mercruiser fuel pump is working well. An electric pump makes some noise and when you do not hear the sound when the key is on, you need to have it checked.
  • The oil pressure switch is also an important consideration. This is responsible for the electric fuel pump voltage when the engine is in motion. In case the oil pressure drops marginally, the electric pumps stops. The engine also automatically stops as a protective measure. The oil pressure switch is placed on the base of the engine block and can get into contact with water. Check this to ensure that the connections are okay.
  • Once you have established that you do not have a fuel issue with your Mercruiser and it is still not starting, you need to check for the spark. Here you should be careful because Mercruisers have very strong ignition systems. This can shock you if you are not careful. You should always check for spark using a spark tester that you can readily get from your local auto parts supplier. If you get no spark, check ignition system, condenser, timing systems and sensors. Have a qualified technician to help you with this.

If you're thinking of replacing your Mercruiser entirely, consider speaking to a local Mercruiser distributor to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

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